Friday, 2 June 2017

Saturday, 13 May 2017

New work...

Sorry to have been quiet recently... but I'm hard at work on new work. Some of you may have seen the whole issue of 'Reverend Cross' I drew for Kult Creations which is available now from their site and in kindle edition... and Also I'm working art for a new pirate strip called 'Captain Wylde' also written by John Short. And I've even done a sketch of new Doctor Who companion, Bill Potts! More news soon!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Issue 2 of Gabrielle Noble's Holly Wood is now on sale for digital download. There are 20 story pages. Fourteen pages have never been seen in print and are in full colour. The six black-and-white pages are reprints of long out-of-print Eros Comix from over a decade ago. 18 year old Holly's misadventures continue in strips: 'Last Time on Holly Wood','Neighborhood Watch', 'Sitting Pretty', 'First Principles', 'Breast is Best', 'Bedtime Story', 'Men @ Work', 'Eating Out' and 'Piss 'n' Tell'. All stories drawn by me (Gabby) and written by John Short. She's nude, rude and crude, dude! On sale over on Gabby's Digital blog (link to your right!)

Friday, 30 December 2016

Now available in DIGITAL! SJP!

Savage! Jungle Princess Book 1 - The full collection of SJP strips is now available in mobi format for kindle and any device with the kindle app! Click the button to your right to take you over to our digital store and visit Death Island for only @£7.99 (Or buy the paper version from this very page... just below!) DINOSAURS, NAZIS, NINJAS, ZOMBIES and AMAZONS!

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas from Gabby!

You can catch last year's 'Ms. Fortune!' Christmas episode from Mayfair magazine over on the X-Rated blog... Link to your right!
And don't forget we are selling new digital comics over on the digital blog!

Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Although the paper and ink version of SPLIFFY: THE STONER CHICK! #1 is still available to buy from this very blog (to your right and down) you can now get a copy to download and keep on your kindle (or other e-reader!) Just pop over to my digital store with the button on the sidebar... ( Full colour! 21 pages of comic strip action! Swearing! Nudity! Drugs! How can you go wrong (don't Answer that!)

Monday, 19 December 2016

Digital comics!

Again, sorry for my lack of postings over the last two years... but I have been busy drawing stuff! You'll notice to your right that I have a brand new blogsite... From which I can now sell digital comics. e-comics if you will! And the first publication revives an old character of mine from the Eros Comix days... HOLLY WOOD! Her strips were x-rated spoofs of those American teenager comics that were so popular in the past. Check you're over 18 before you buy HOLLY WOOD 1. Fingers crossed there will be two more issues to come in the near future!
Gabrielle Noble's HOLLY WOOD #1 ADULTS ONLY COMIC EXCLUSIVE TO DIGITAL 26 pages: Including 20 pages of comic strips (15 in full colour – 5 in black and white) All art by Gabrielle Noble All stories written by John Short All colour strips never before published Black and white strips reprints of long out of print Eros Comix strips FORMAT: mobi file compatible with kindle and many other e-readers WORLD WIDE @£2.99